Additional Maths Project Work 2 2011

This is the correct version of the project work 2 of 2011. Please refrain from downloading and copying as is...Full description...
Author:  Alvin Soo

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please comment!!!!!!!!! MRSM + SBP Facebook - description

please comment!!!!!!!!! MRSM + SBP Facebook - description

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bagi mereka yang melakukan project add math bagi tingkatan 5 ..sebagai panduan untuk mereka yang menghadapi projek ni..Semoga Berjaya!

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Huhu, finally uploaded my revision. Inside there just got a little bit of changes from last revision. I create it by my own. And It may just become reference for you all. email or fb-ing me …Full description

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will upload Additional Mathematics Project Work 2014 Sabah state (answers) sooner or later.

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